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John Smith

Diagram Comparison Video

In this diagram comparison video, it will lay out in detail how traditional brokerages are set up today, and how they’re not aligned. eXp Realty has modernized the brokerage model and created an equal opportunity for all agents.

eXp Coverage Map

At eXp, we’re thrilled to be one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in US history. Our cloud based brokerage coupled with innovative technology will help us achieve our goal of opening 3 new countries each year.

Access to several industry-leading technologies

Whether you are an agent with a large team or just yourself, eXp provides you with the tools to scale your business.

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Access the eXp World campus

What makes eXp different?

eXp Realty

Agent Centric model
Revenue Sharing (tangible retirement)
Equity ownership awards (ticker symbol EXPI)
Industry leading lead generation platform (Kunversion)
Commission split 80%-100% (capped at $16,000)
Real time cloud support (eXp World Campus)
Fastest growing brokerage (Adding 400+ agents per week)
International reach
On demand live & recorded training (eXp World Campus)

Traditional Brokerages

Founder or franchise owner makes the money
Limited bandwidth to adjust & grow
Capital intensive due to brick & mortar
Top down income structure
You have zero ownership
Training at set times/locations
Have to go into office to meet with support
No true retirement plan

2020 Highlights

View some of eXp's accomplishments and statistics from the past year.

John Smith

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