This will allow you the ability to email, text, and share a link to your website for agent attraction - no password needed!

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Only $14/month for unlimited access.

The goal of this platform is to use the revenue to produce more videos & content, so eXp agents can further eXplode their agent attraction efforts.

If enough agents subscribe to this monthly service:

It will enable production for additional videos

  • revenue share
    (3–7 mins long)
  • equity program (EXPI)
    (3–7 mins long)
  • eXp world & cloud support
    (3–7 mins long)
  • technology tools
    (3–7 mins long) (skyslope, kunversion, CINC, enterprise)

Secondly, It will enable the production of an app that will be personally branded to each agent & make sharing content extremely easy.

This app will be downloaded to an agent’s phone and have the ability to share videos and document right from the app via text, email, and social channels. It will also notify you when someone has watched the video you shared with them! This will be rolled out if enough people subscribe.

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Only $14/month for unlimited access.