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A sticky header with your contact info easily editable in our dashboard
CTA to request access to eXp world and training calendar
Multiple CTA so prospects can easily reach you
Sell to prospective agents in multiple countries

With English, Spanish, and Canadian eXp explained videos, your agent prospects will be able to toggle a region to learn about eXp Realty.

See who watches your videos thanks to lead capture

Optional Toggle On/Off lets you choose whether to have a lead capture form pop up on your page, so you can follow up when someone plays your video.

Accept direct text messages from prospect agents

A pop up on you webpage on mobile engages with your prospect agent to text you directly seamlessly in one click.

Showcase the Industry-Leading Technologies used by EXP

Videos showcasing Workplace, Skylope, and KVcore are available on your page, as well as additional links and information to lean more.

Show how EXP differs from traditional brokerages

Comparison chart shows how EXP breaks the old fashioned real estate model and how it takes pride in its agent centric philosophy.

Also included in your page
Recent brokerage highlights
Thumbnail preview for sharing
Updated videos every 90 days
Let’s streamline your eXp recruitment efforts
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Our existing agents have recruited 1,000s of their own agents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the videos approved by eXp?

Yes, they are, we spend a great deal of time to ensure we’re in compliance 

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, you can cancel your subscription with us at anytime

How does the lead capture work?

You can opt to have a lead capture pop up on your personalized weblink free of charge. This feature will force the viewer to input their contact info in order to review your page. The information then gets emailed to you, so you know who to follow up with.

How often is the 9-minute eXp intro video updated?

We try and update it every 90 days, but it all depends on if there are any updates needed at that time other than updating the agent count.

What is the best way to use this agent attraction tool?

First be sure to hyperlink your webpage into your email signature. 

Don’t email or text blast agents your video link without their consent. That strategy does not work, makes you and the company look bad as well.

It’s pretty simple to be effective actually, first you need to connect with agents in any way, shape, or form. So via Linkedin, FB, instagram, showings, open houses, friend referrals, CE, during your travels, showings, closings, etc… There are a 100 ways to interact with realtors.

Once you’re talking with a realtor and have had a nice conversation, you want to say something like this: “John, it’s been nice chatting with you and I’m impressed with your business. Would you mind giving me your feedback on an opportunity within our industry if I shared a short video with you?”

Do you guys always keep my weblink up to date with the latest videos and content?

At all times your personalized website will always have the most up to date videos and content

What is the feature where viewers are able to text me directly from my page?

Whenever one of your prospects are on your website via a mobile device, there will be a message pop up that encourages them to text you directly to your cell phone. This will help with conversions.

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